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Smiley Tillmon Band Live Dates Just Added

This has been a tough summer for live events - both for bands and for fans. Slowly-but-surely, outdoor venues have been adding live music back into their schedules, provided attendees mask up and social distance.

It has worked well, as we saw earlier this month at Fitzgerald's in Berwyn, when The Smiley Tillmon Band reunited for the first time since early March! A great crowd showed up - and everyone was responsibly covered and separated... it all made for a memorable evening complete with beautiful weather.

STB has added a few live dates and they want to see you there! Follow them on Bands in Town for updates, and put the following shows on your schedule. In addition to the live performances below, there is also a live streaming event at Rosa's Lounge on the books - viewing date sometime in September TBA.

The Smiley Tillmon Band. Photo by Roman Sobus.

Saturday - 8/29: Horse Thief Hollow Brewing Co (6:30 - 9:30 pm)

Wednesday - 10/14: Fitzgerald's Nightclub (7:00-9:00 pm)

See you there!

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